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Friday, 22 July 2011


someone has a driveway and front 'garden' and the road either side of their dwelling is empty of vehicles...
Why must they insist on parking on the pavement in front of the house across the road!
 The people over there have been keeping the local builders merchants busy for months; ever since they moved in. 

But they have also been dumping their large car outside our place when there's been lots of room on their side of the road.
OH opined that there's nothing to be done about it...but I wanted to do something.

So, when the vehicle reappeared this morning I took my camera and photographed it and the view of the opposite side of the road.

Later OH reported the vehicle was now parked on 'their' side of the road.


Joy said...

Ooooh - well done!!!

Jan n Jer said...

Glad they got the hint!!!

joanygee said...

I hope so, but only time will tell.

Faye said...

That's a pet peeve of mine as well. Usually it's the neighbors' teens who just don't think about how irritating it is to see their turquoise blue car in my front window--or worse a plumber's van. You handled it better. I fume or tattle to their parents.

joanygee said...

I'm waiting to see if/when the car reappears. Yesterday I noticed it parked across the road.

Joy said...

You OK, Joan? It's been a while since your last blog.
J x