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Friday 8 July 2011


Saturday I'm heading north to Rishton and then to Preston whilst OH remains behind to dog sit.

Kidz 4 Kidz Community Theatre Company put on shows twice a year at the Charter Theatre in Preston.

Tomorrow night they celebrate their tenth anniversary...

Kidz 4 Kidz present 'Ten' a celebration of their ten-year anniversary.
"For a night of audience participation, fun, laughter, drinks and being merry... (and possible BBC interest) please join us for our big 10 year show Saturday 9th July @ 730pm. xx "

A theatre/dance group my goddaughter helps out with.


Sayre said...

What fun! I occasionally drag my son off to Panama City to see plays my cousins are in. He really enjoys it!

Have fun!

Joy said...

Have a wonderful time at the show, Joan, and do let us know how it all goes.

J x