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Tuesday 19 July 2011


Andale Vets
This is today's 'must do' as elder K9 needs to see Michelle because she's been holding her head lob-sided and shaking it from time to time. I blame z-dog probably because he's been too boisterous and may have done some  mischief.

Returned home from seeing Michelle, who greeted Lady like a long lost friend! She gave her a good check over and apart from an ear problem, a good bill of health.

Result, Lady has antibiotic tablets to take and some drops for her ear. She has an ear infection, but with antibiotic tabs and drops should be back to 100% soon.

As for z-dog it's no food for him after 8pm (Tuesday) and an appt at the vets on Wednesday morning!


Joy said...

I;'m glad the one was so easily sorted and hope the other will be too.
J x

joanygee said...

The antibiotics seems to be working well. She's holding her head more upright and has stopped shaking it. As for z-boy time will tell.