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Friday 26 August 2011


Schools no longer teach Home Economics nor Domestic Science but something called Food Technology. Supermarket shelves 'groan' with relatively cheap unhealthy foodstuffs. Few have the time or inclination to read labels. They home in on the latest adverts for easy ready this and fast that, urged on by the pester power of their offspring.
I knew one family whose Mother 'lived on' cigs and coffee. Their dad was away at sea for weeks on end. Okay so she 'cooked without salt' prep began soon after the elder two went to school. Potatoes peeled, cut and left in a pan of water until the end of the school day. Her favourite foods for the kids was sausage rolls and crisps.
Then there's a neighbour (male) who exists on microwave meals from a 'top end' supermarket. Yet, his elder brother who moved to S. Africa some eight years ago is a chef.

I'm no health or diet fanatic (heaven forfend)! But, in recent weeks I have begun to read food labels to compare level and types of sugars, amount and types of fat content. Why? Because I have friends who are diabetic.


Joy said...

I think what concerns me about the education side of things is that Food Technology is just a tiny bit of Design Technology, so is a miniscule area of study, and the focus is on the design and modification, NOT on learning core skills and knowledge. For me it doesn't seem particularly interesting either. But I wouldn;t want to go back to the days when it was a subject for girls only either, however well it was taught!

J x

joanygee said...

Now can you tell I went to a girls Grammar school (smile). I wouldn't want to go back to 'rules' for ironing a handkerchief; but labelling a subject 'tech' has hidden a multitude of sins. Jx