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Monday, 8 August 2011


After our gallivanting by bus into 'town' the other week and M and I visiting the beautician; things have been rather quiet.
Then, this morning M rang to ask after OH and I seeing as no-one had met up for a while. She also invited us to go round and view her new bedroom.
When living in a bungalow it's a lot easier to re-designate rooms and their uses. M had been using the room in the rear as a bedroom because previous inhabitants had left built-in wardrobes. Then she realised that she was missing out on the lovely view of her garden. In the couple of years she's lived here, it has been transformed from patio, lawn wilderness into a productive garden. It'd take too long to list the things she is growing. Suffice it to say her shopping bills for fruit and veg have been whittled to almost nothing.
With help from OH one of her front rooms has become a pleasant, relaxing bedroom. In the next few months M intends to turn the former bedroom into a lounge to enjoy her garden vista.

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Jan n Jer said...

Oh How nice to have a room with a view.