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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

at long last

MJM got together for coffee, laughter and to 'put the world to rights'...

The charity has benefited from some unwanted Christmas presents which added another £300 to the funds. 
One is a tea/breakfast collection from us which is to be raffled next month. Am still puzzling why we received it as our friends know we only keep tea for visitors; neither of us would drink it by choice.
M is busy knitting chicks and the other M is tasked with adding their beaks. M's friend in Orkney posted a parcel to her; and as both Ms were out it was left with us. Turns out is contained creme eggs, hundreds of them as fillers for the knitted chicks.

I really ought to pick up my knitting again soon...

Have been browsing the Lowry theatre website looking for musicals. Starlight Express returns in June; hope I can convince my theatre-going friend to see it again.

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