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Friday, 6 January 2012

Looking back...

In the news today I came across a couple of health stories

  • Whooping cough cases increase
  • Rickets
I had whooping cough when I was young, but no idea at what age. Must have been pre-school and what a nasty illness it was. Lying in bed, under a sheet, blankets and eiderdown. Finding it difficult to breathe, no recollection of seeing the doctor, but house visits were no problem for doctors then. So, I must have been very young and no doubt was visited by the doctor. 
  • "Cases increased from 421 in 2010 to 1,040 in 2011,"

This is not the place to go into details of the illness itself; suffice it to say that it was most unpleasant.
A comfortable memory of that time was when I was well enough to get out of bed. Sitting in the bedroom chair wrapped in the eiderdown in front of a coal fire. Then, of course there was the treat of eating semolina pudding as that was food for 'invalids'. 

If rickets is on the increase then that is a worrying development. It's classified as a Dickensian illness; something 'cured' by the Victorians. Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin. Apparently, children are spending too much time indoors.

Cue nostalgia...I've been reading Paul Feeney's book "A 1950s Childhood". (Kindle e-reader). So, dear reader, if you are of similar 'vintage' to's a must read. 

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