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Sunday, 22 January 2012


My school friends and I are of a 'certain generation' and this year sees another milestone in our lives.
God-daughter is excellent at planning and organising. Knowing of the approaching milestone, she began planning last July and it all came to fruition on January 20th.
Her Dad is well-accustomed to public speaking and being Master of Ceremonies.
Between them they convinced my friend that she was being taken to Scotland to celebrate her birthday.
Standing on the left of this photo is my friend and focus of the celebrations.
H grandmother to my god-daughter who greeted me with 'You must join the family table'.
In any gathering there has to be one with the mulligrubs. 
Too old to be with the younger children, but, not old enough to party with the older teens.

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Joy said...

Love the photos!
J x