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Tuesday, 27 March 2012


of a 'conversation' elsewhere...
One of the enduring delights of retirement is to throw out work clothes and never purchase or wear their like ever again.
I remember OH getting rid of his sports jackets and boxed shirts. Work-wear was to look smart in sports jacket, trousers, shirt and tie (double Windsor).
Now he's happy to don denim trousers, t-shirt, sweatshirt or sweater.

When I first started at work women were not allowed to wear trousers except as a trouser suit. If the weather was inclement and you wore boots, they had to be taken off at work and proper shoes put on. A member of the management team told another newcomer that if she could not afford shoes a temporary loan might be had to purchase some!

How happy was I when the dress code was relaxed to include 'smart' trousers. Wearing trousers was preferable and more convenient. 

In the early days I often used to make my own clothes.


Sayre said...

I love that my workplace is so casual. We all dress up when we need to (important visitor), but for the most part it's jean and t-shirts and in the summer, shorts and tanks. It's just too darned hot here for formality.

Joy said...

This takes me back. When I started at my first school, the head would not allow trousers (for female staff). One brave soul rebelled after a while and the head could do nothing about it except withdraw the rule, which was only of her own writing anyway!

Carole said...

Nice post. Have a lovely day.