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Wednesday, 28 March 2012


is shopping day and sometimes time to top up with fuel.
Having made our purchases and put them in the car we went for fuel. Something was not quite right.
Usually there are four lines of traffic and an 'express' lane. Today there was one lane plus the 'express' and notices saying 'no unleaded petrol'. 
The lady in front pulled up at the pump, got out and went to the cashier, then came back. By now OH was topping up with diesel. So, lady made a point of telling him 'did you know there's no fuel here'? I could not keep my face straight as he told her, 'It's okay, they have diesel'. A most perplexed lady got back in her car and left. 
On the way home we passed another filling station with a queue of traffic waiting on the road to get on the forecourt and go to the pumps. A while later OH went out again and on his return said that that filling station was now closed.

(Reuters) - The government urged the public to fill up with petrol on Wednesday ahead of an impending strike by tanker drivers that could see stocks run dry, but was branded irresponsible by petrol retailers who said the government was creating a crisis.

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