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Thursday 27 September 2012

That was then...

This is now, and what a change to procedures. A few years back OH had a cataract operation. There was a long waiting list and to help out a team of South African medics toured here.
OH received his appointment and was collected by taxi and taken to the mobile clinic. He returned by taxi having had all the necessary explanations, advice and so on. 
A short while later he received his appt for the operation and instructions to bathe both eye areas twice a day for the week before.
Once more he was collected by taxi and taken to the mobile state-of the-art operating suite. He had his op (successful) and the taxi brought him home along with instructions for aftercare. They phoned him a couple of times to ask how he was and if he wanted to ask anything. All in all a successful outcome.

The SA team are here no longer and OH is to have an op on the other eye.

This time it's the NHS and visits to the teaching hospital.

There has been a massive investment in re-configuring the road network. We did a practice run the other week to work out the 'best' route. 

Today was spent going to and from the hospital. 8am to try to get there for an 8.45 appt. I drove home leaving OH to attend his appt. 

It was 11.30 before OH phoned for me to collect him. He'd spent the time going around the hospital from on queue to another.

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