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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Change, change, change

Recently peeps in an online forum have been posting about P.G.C.E. which nowadays bears no resemblance to way back when.

Some of the daft ideas would be priceless if they were joking; but sadly daft ideas prevail.

Took me back to times long past.

Spending time on observation in primary school. The staff worked in a challenging area (inner city). One school inspection comes readily to mind. The Nurse sent lots of children home because if various infestations. 

Then there was a C of E school in a borough that had Middle School and Primary schools only had children up to the age of 9. Then they went to Middle School and finished off at secondary. The junior school was across a busy road from the church which had grassland behind it.  They had a special visitor one day as the Bishop of Wigan toured the school.

Previously, there were school in Cumbria and Rose Lane Liverpool. the former was experimenting with open classrooms, a specially built school where all classrooms were open, no doors! Rose Lane primary, the expectation was to teach the Headteacher's class (gulp). Typical of urban schools several pupils did not have English as first lang.

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