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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Long time no posts but

Osteoarthritis is the dominant theme all day everyday. 
Last December on meeting 'specialist' for was agreed that:-

  • am too young for them to operate
  • need to lose weight
  • carry on carrying on
  • by the way 'we' prefer not to operate more than once
  • and in my words to self 'carry on suffering'
  • agreed condition is serious enough to operate but remember the age barrier
  • no steroid injections as there's little chance of any positive effect
  • yes, the hip joint is now misaligned due to osteoarthritis
However, on seeing G.P. one of my shoulders is now also showing signs've guessed it...osteoarthritis.

As I have been finishing off a course with the O.U. that has dominated most of my time.

I chose EA300 Children's Literature which turned out to be intensive, time-consuming and most enjoyable.

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