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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Six months on or thereabouts

Finally got appt. for the osteology dept. at the hospital.

Left early and it was good thing we did because of road closures, diversions, and rush hour.

The signposting for the diversion was worse than useless. Only useful sign said 'Road Closed'.  Thinking back, it must be some 40+ years since I regularly drove the highways and by-ways  of that part of the city. Even went past the detached house where I was in digs for a couple of years.

Surgeon was busy, some 45 mins late, but so long as I know I need to wait, that is no problem. 

The idea of injections was floated and discounted, They would be most uncomfortable and unlikely to have even the slightest positive effect. 

I now have to tackle the idea of weight-loss more seriously.

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