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Saturday, 25 August 2018

From 2000 to 2018

With Marie now one of the dear departed, the property fell to her four sons. Son number one didn't need / want any money so he enabled the youngest son to buy out the other shares in the property. Thar left youngest son in sole charge of the property.

He now had two bungalows, one in the N.W. and the other in the East Midlands. For over a decade he happily moved to and for to live in both properties as and when he wanted.

Unfortunately, youngest son went on to develop Parkinson's disease.

Nephew (son of richest brother) sold up to release equity.

Neighbours had enjoyed 40 years of friendship and true neighbourliness.

In only two-three months those that bought the property for a pittance have proved themselves to be the type that have a high nuisance value.
It has become obvious that they are unable to cope with the necessary refurbishment of the property. Guess they over-extended themselves. However, anther problem is their lack of experience, knowledge of the necessities, lacking the gumption to organise themselves.

Only the terminally inept employ a firm of builders only to leave them to their own devices. In the 2-3 months the builders had complete freedom to do what they would, no-one ever visited to check what was being done.

Similarly the plumber and electrician were left to their own devices. Plumber ended up being called back some dozen times because of difficulties.

Ignorance and malice-aforethought personified.
One of the first events was total destruction of a decades-old wisteria.
Next, both front and back gardens had well-maintained lawns.

When we looked after the gardens, it used to take a day to mow, edge, trim the lawns.
New inhabitants haven't even bothered to acquire a proper lawn mower. The lawn mower they attempted to use was an old push mower! needless to say, all it did was make a mess.

They have shown themselves to be paranoid, disruptive, vexatious and mentally unstable.

Today they caused a nuisance by making a false claim.

Nuisance call / report #1

Time to create an incidence log.

Nuisance claim 26/01/2018
(Cadent manages the national gas emergency service)

Report - Parts per million - Meter reading ZERO

Since we recently had a Smart Meter installed, it has already been proven that our property and utilities conform to modern Gas Safe Standards.

Cadent - What we don't do

  • We don’t produce gas.
  • We don’t own the gas that flows through our pipes. We only transport the gas through our pipeline networks.
  • We don’t repair gas appliances.
  • We don’t send out gas bills.
  • You do not pay your gas bill to us

Their petty vindictiveness becomes more and more apparent.

17-08-2018 some time round about 2300 hours 'blues and twos' accompanied by flashing lights. Seemingly another false alarm instigated by the trouble-makers.

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