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Saturday, 25 August 2018

Paranoia par excellance

40 years of peace, neighbourliness and harmony.

Then property was sold and took some 6-8 weeks of builders let run riot with the property.

Person objected to photographs being taken from the street. 'Do not photograph my house, please'.

That led to closed curtains front and side. Paranoid woman decided people were staring too much.

Obviously strapped for cash, having taken on a property they could never afford solely because it was sold in a hurry. Next they decided to waste money they do not have on a fence they do not need.

Latest person today was quoting fro a 6-foot high fence! Laughable in the extreme. Paranoid pair have decided they need a 6-foot high fence...but there is already a suitable fence in place. Yet, they have made no attempt to put in fencing on the two sides of 'their' fencing which is in need of repair / replacement. Instead they are determined to put up a fence on the boundary that does not belong to them.

Now, dear readers do you understand the ludicrous situation. People who are in such penury that they have kept furniture from the previous owner. They also are using curtains some of which a over 10 years old. 

The dwelling has been turned into a money-pit. Load-bearing walls have been demolished and the backdoor blocked-up.

How to ruin a property in a couple of months!

Pity the dwelling was put on the market for such a low price. The paranoid pair would have been far better off in Wimpey-wonderland.

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