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Thursday, 16 August 2018

From 1932 until 2018

The bungalow was home to one family who bought it from new. When Marie moved in the dwelling was the last one, there were no others. The bungalow housed Marie and her growing family throughout the 20th century. When she looked out of her kitchen window, all was rural with a clear view across to the Pennines.

Suffice it to say that when you have a neighbour like Marie, there was mutual respect and friendship was in abundance.

Time rolled on and Marie brought up her family. She and her husband raised 4 boys. Two married and one made a success of everything he did. He's become the sort of person for whom 'money is no object'. He passed on success to his son, who seems to have inherited the golden business touch.

One made and lost money several times eventually his business in Cornwall led him to being declared  bankrupt. He went on to live in South Africa. He and his bosom male buddy run a successful accommodation business in Cape Town.

One married twice and both marriages failed. Marie had liked wife #1 and they became friends. Marie altered her will when she had had enough of wife #2 and excluded her. 

Marie lived alone after her husband died (1984) and all the lads had moved out. She died towards the end of 2000. Her funeral was well-attended; I took the afternoon off to go to the church service. The church was full.

One of her sons died in 2002.

She might have lived on her own, but she was hardly ever lonely as so many people visited her, cared for her and looked after her.

The eldest (richest) son always sent her a hamper from Harrods for Christmas.

Every Tuesday she passed across her shopping list and told us of any little jobs she'd like doing.

She is as the saying goes sadly missed.

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