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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

What a day for...

finishing off an assignment and treating myself to a dose of relaxation...

OH has got gardening 'fever' hardly anything that can be pruned has escaped being 'scalped'.
We have a recycling collection fortnightly. The last was last Friday. Hey ho! OH has already filled one of the bins to the brim. Fortunately, we have two or three, three if you count next door and 'more' if you include other nearby neighbours. He's also mown the lawn and applied feed and weed. The onion bed has been planted, but according to M, OH has also planted some shallots (groan). Here was me thinking blissfully 'no more shallots'. They are a 'pain' requiring 'topping and tailing' as well as peeling. I thought with my passive resistance I'd convinced him not to grow any this year.

So, as a reward for getting on with my eTMA I shall treat myself to some knitting and perhaps some crochet.

1 comment:

Joy said...

I very much like your treats. I hope you enjoyed them very much indeed!

J x