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Thursday 15 September 2011


or as friends in the US would say 'Fall'... Time to have to wipe the car windows before setting off as they drip with condensation. A beautiful day, foggy in some places, but as the sun climbs in the sky it clears away all traces. Then there's a slight chill to the air even in the sunshine. A time for memories...perhaps because for many years the beginning of September was also the start of the Autumn term. No more netball, but hockey instead. Running circuits of the hockey pitches to warm-up before the lesson began. Three pitches side-by-side and you have to go around the outside, no cutting corners. Boots caked in mud and a divil to clean...dashing thro' cold communal showers at the end of the game; no toiletries apart from talc and deodorant. 
Remembering the long walk to school in the Autumn sunshine, viewing a temperature inversion shown by clouds as taught to us in a recent geography lesson. Looking ahead at the view of Pendle that dominates the area for miles around.
As Autumn progressed more and more leave dropped from the trees. So many copper beeches and tree-lined avenues. Oh what fun to kick your way thro' tumbled leaves!


Jan n Jer said...

Yep Autumn/Fall is coming fast here in the U.S. the trees will be so beautiful in just a few weeks. The chill in the air will start the cozy fires n warm apple cider n pumpkin pies...YUMMMMM. The down side to this time of year is that Old Man Winter is right behind it!!! I try not to think about it!! brrrrrrrr

Sayre said...

I love how crisp and blue the sky is - the perfect backdrop for turning leaves!