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Sunday 25 September 2011

topsy turvy

Oops who posted fruits yesterday instead of today!
So here's some autumn flowers...
Autumn pansies - heart's ease
Fuchsias still in flower
I think this is pieris


Faye said...

Topsy turvy smurvy! Those of us who are participating understand confusion of a certain age!!

I had forgotten the old-fashioned name for pansies--hearts ease. Nice. That red one is smashing. I love pieris (?) as the season goes on and the clusters (? you also can lose your nouns as you age :-)get larger and take on more color.

joanygee said...

Hi Faye, thanks for stopping by and making me smile.

Jan n Jer said...

I just love pansies, they are so colorful n dainty!

Pamela said...

I did NOT KNOW that about pansies. Really. I guess we can learn things in our old age.
I have three fuchsias blooming, and one that just refuses.

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