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Monday, 26 September 2011

Weather for soup?

Over the past week or so there's been so many ripe tomatoes that soup-making seemed a good idea. However, I learnt the hard way years ago that too much of a good thing can have side-effects. I now make vegetable soup with a high proportion os tomatoes in it rather than mostly tomatoes otherwise I might have an allergic reaction.
 Home-grown tomatoes, onions and courgette make a good soup base.


Faye said...

I have a friend who would "kill" for your over-abundance of tomatoes, Joan. I like them but am not passionate about them as a veg--now green beans--that's another matter. Are your courgettes the American cucumber? We don't usually put in hot tomato-based soups. Cold though for sure. Enjoy the last of your tomato crop and I won't tell my friend about you over supply! :-)

Jan n Jer said...

I had to go look up what courgette my surprise its our version of zucchini!! This does make an excellant soup!!

Joy said...

Oh, dear, that sounds pretty uncomfortable. However, the tomatoes in the photo look wonderful! :0)

Pamela said...

My tomatoes died. Four plants. Some kind of blight. But I have hard time eating them because of acid reflux. However, I have stir fried my zucchini and added fresh tomatoes that my neighbor bestows.

joanygee said...

Yes, Janis you are correct, we call they courgettes and it's the same as zucchini.
They are the vittoria ones and have cropped best of all up til now. With this week's sunshine the others ought to ripen more.
Now I need more ways of using them. chutney is a no go as there's too much sugar.