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Friday, 30 September 2011

Fall fun?

OH is busy gardening as tho' it were summer, yet is planting spring bulbs for neighbour. I know Joy is having fun as she's been very busy in her kitchen making all sorts of goodies from an assortment of garden produce.
So, what about my Fall Fun?
More apples? Still one or two zucchini?
Hoping the late sunshine and warm temperatures ripen the rest of the tomatoes.
Taking advantage of the weather to dry washing on the line in the sunshine!


Sayre said...

I miss line-dried clothes! They always smell so nice... much better than a dryer. Not practical where I live, unfortunately.

Faye said...

I'd say the gardening is about coming to the ends of its fun! I used to love planning and planting the spring bulb display. And wearing clothes and sleeping on sheets dried in the sunshine is heavenly.

Your meme host is moving a bit slowly this morning. My post will be up shortly!

Jan n Jer said...

I too miss hanging clothes out to dry in the warm sunshine. The bed linens always smell so fresh and clean! It is fun to reap you harvest and preserve what you can for the rewarding is that!!!!!

Joy said...

Look at those amazing tomatoes! Fantastic.