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Wednesday 21 September 2011

Movies that make you think

Jesus Christ Superstar  - the early 70s when I saw more films than ever before! My room mate and I were in digs and a short bus ride away there was college; and also a fabulous cinema which is now a supermarket. JCS was an amazing film, like no other seen before with David Essex in starring role. The audience left afterwards in awed silence...
The Way We Were...a lovely weepy film with memorable music; starring the gorgeous Robert Redford.
Spool thro' the years, and it was not until the likes of Harry Potter and the LOTR trilogy that I began cinema going again. I enjoyed the Potty Harry films and adore LOTR; but then the latter has been part of my life in book form, followed by tape cassette, video cassette, DVD and now Kindle edition for many years.
Fantasy films, enchanting scenery and music ... what else? I viewed them in Dublin!

Many thanks to Sayre for rendering first aid and putting life back into Fun Monday.


Jan n Jer said... fave

Sayre said...

I love that movie!!! I will be using it as a teaching tool for my son when the Easter season comes around again. It explains much in an easy to understand way.

I also love Harry Potter but couldn't get into LOTR for some reason. May have to try that again sometime.

Thanks for playing!