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Sunday 4 September 2011


B has gone to uni in Scotland and this week is Freshers Week. Time for stirring memories to the surface...
Spool back some 40 years and I left home for college.
What a contrast...B was chauffeured by her Dad from door to door. 
I went by bus. No car only as Dad would say 'Shank's pony'.
The journey took 3 hours as the bus zig-zagged west and then south; one that these days is 40 mins door-to-door.
B has her cell phone and laptop and uni will have internet access as standard for students.
In my day correspondence was by letter and I wrote regularly to friends and family. No phone at home only at Dad's work so he'd phone once a week. How I treasured hearing his voice!
Contrast today's student in constant touch with her social networks.

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Jan n Jer said...

I hear you on that one...I don't think our young people even know how to write a good letter!!! Let alone the correct spelling. The backlash from our techy world!!!